Planning a Roof Replacement: A Consultant's Guide to Reroofing Evaluation and Design


Roofs are an integral component of the building enclosure. They are the first line of defense against water intrusion into a building and are also typically the most exposed element of the building. Roofs are often tasked with managing the largest volume of rainwater on a building, experience the greatest degree of thermal changes in the building enclosure, and are required to perform for twenty years or more without interruption. As you can see, the roof is the workhorse of the whole building envelope. Why then do roofs often receive the least amount of attention when it comes to evaluating and designing a proper building envelope system? Too often, installing a new roof or replacing an existing roof is not done by a professional. When things go wrong, it is the building owner, management team, and occupants who suffer the headaches.

This article was originally published as the 2nd Quarter 2017 issue of Georgia Commons, a magazine for the benefit of members of the Georgia Chapter of Community Associations Institute.