Making the Case for Living, Breathing, Digital Facility-Condition Assessments


Whether you are a developer looking to acquire a property or an existing building owner considering upgrading or flipping an asset, the facility-condition assessment (FCA) can be the keystone to your success. Completed prior to the facility’s purchase, sale, or upgrade, the results from a well-done FCA can be used to help lower operating costs, facilitate prioritization in decision-making, increase productivity of occupants, and mitigate risk. In this article, engineers Kurt Holloway, David Callan and Julia Ingersoll (both from Callan Consulting Engineers), and Mike Lodge (from The Concord Group) share how all FCAs are not created equal.

This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue of the LEADER—the official publication of CoreNet Global, the association for corporate real estate. Learn more about CoreNet here.