Davit and Dedicated Anchorage Testing


To protect workers using facade access systems, regulatory agencies have adopted requirements for periodic inspection and testing of this equipment. Building owners and managers turn to Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE) when they need a firm that fully understands the OSHA and IBC requirements that govern the design, usage, inspection, testing, and maintenance of facade access equipment. With sixty years of experience, WJE is an industry leader in providing economical and effcient testing, analysis, and design services for all types of facade access installations.

WJE professionals use a holistic approach and an in-depth comprehension of structural systems and construction materials when evaluating the integrity of facade access equipment. WJE engineers and technicians are adept in hands-on diagnostic techniques to test and evaluate a wide variety of systems, including davits, outriggers, roof- and wall-mounted anchorages, and building maintenance unit (BMU) systems. WJE engineers have the latest analysis software and modeling techniques at their disposal and are armed with unparalleled collective knowledge of historic and contemporary structural systems to assess behavior and strength when anticipating the effects of concentrated facade access loads on existing structures is not straightforward. WJE architects are experienced in the waterproofing of roof and building enclosure penetrations for these systems to mitigate the risk of concealed deterioration and extend the useful life of existing equipment. Simply put, WJE has the resources, skill, and experience to determine if your system is fit for use and will perform as intended, and can seamlessly provide a full range of engineering and architectural support services to supplement, repair, and/or replace your equipment should the need arise.

  • Confirmation of anchorage capacity using in-situ load testing
  • Condition assessments of existing davit and
    anchorage installations
  • Structural analysis of existing facade access systems
  • Certification of compliance with OSHA and IBC minimum strength requirements
  • Conceptual design for facade access enhancements with opinions of probable cost
  • Final design drawings, performance specifications, and contract documents for new, supplemental, and repair/replacement installations
  • Construction administration