WJE Plannotate™


Plannotate™ provides customization options that allow our project managers to create a project-distinct application for clients using forms, toolbars, and on-the-fly programmability. Advanced visualization and customized export options allow easy access to Plannotate data. Integrations with multiple applications enable our project managers the ability to create project deliverables quickly and easily.


The core focus of Plannotate is to provide the ability to build custom solutions designed around our clients’ projects—ranging from data collection to an overall data asset management solution when requested or required.

Plannotate’s simple form and toolbar customization options give any user the ability to create tailored, data-collection solutions for our clients. The software supports basic fields and drop-down selections, as well as advanced calculations that allow for more complex collection forms to generate graphical visualization of the data, for example.

Team-powered data collection

Developed from the experience of WJE’s engineers, architects, and materials scientists, Plannotate’s first priority is ensuring application data and functionality is always available (through an offline mode), leading to increased productivity even in remote field locations. Plannotate allows users to interact with and edit other users’ annotations and data in a managed way, both in the field and in the office.

Comparison to Bluebeam

Bluebeam is widely used here to mark up plans. Bluebeam particularly excels at individual document mark-up, especially when transmitting those mark-ups directly to clients.

In contrast, Plannotate excels at collecting managed data for project teams, especially when robust forms with a high degree of project customization and post-inspection data analysis are required.