Residential and Commercial Development


We provide a range of geotechnical engineering services related to residential and commercial construction. These services include geotechnical engineering studies that may include drilling and sampling test holes; measuring groundwater levels; excavation, logging, and sampling of exploratory pits; field and laboratory testing; and engineering analysis. Based on the results of this work, we provide recommendations for foundations and floor systems including design and construction criteria. We also provide investigation and design services related to the assessment and repair of damaged homes. 

  • Geotechnical investigations for new structures, including commercial buildings and office parks, parking areas and roads, custom homes, and residences in mountain communities. Based on the findings of the geotechnical investigation, we provide design and construction recommendations for foundations and earthwork, including structural and site grading fill and foundation backfill.
  • Geotechnical investigations for repair of residential and commercial buildings that have been damaged as the result of foundation movement. Where damage is related to foundation movement, we determine the likely cause(s) of the movement and develop recommendations for mitigation and repair. These projects may or may not involve litigation.
  • Investigations related to groundwater and foundation perimeter drain problems.
  • Assessment of landslide, rockfall, and debris flow hazards and design and implementation of slope stabilization measures. 
  • Slope stability evaluation for new structures within mapped landslide areas and providing recommendations for cut and fill slopes and septic system siting.