We provide geological engineering services for the development and expansion of new and existing mines in North, Central, and South America. Services we provide include field reconnaissance, geologic mapping, seismic hazard studies, and mineral resource assessments. Recent mine facilities where we have provided these services include mining and milling buildings and facilities, water storage reservoirs, tailings impoundments, and waste and leach rock storage sites.   

  • Field mapping encompassing surficial, stratigraphic, and structural geology; surface hydrology; and geological hazards (e.g., landslides, active faults)
  • Assessments of slope instability and bedrock conditions
  • Assessments of seismological hazards associated with active faults for slopes, facilities, and infrastructure
  • Engineering geological assessments of bedrock conditions concerning dam construction and facility site grading
  • Assessments of borrow material sources for construction of major facilities and infrastructure