Geotechnical Instrumentation


Our professionals provide instrumentation system design, procurement, installation, and monitoring services for a broad range of existing and proposed facilities. Field instrumentation recently installed, monitored, and evaluated includes tiltmeters, inclinometers, standpipe piezometers, and thermistors. We have experience with vibrating wire piezometers, extensometers, and total stress measurement instruments. We also offer related engineering services that include evaluation and interpretation of instrumentation readings. 

  • Design, installation, and monitoring of inclinometers installed in steep mountain slopes. We evaluated the inclinometer readings to assess the nature of the slope movement occurring at these sites. 
  • Design and installation of thermistors to monitor ground temperature at one-foot depth intervals. Information obtained from the thermistors provided actual determination of the depth of ground freezing that was occurring at several locations around existing condominium buildings. This information was invaluable in defending against allegations that deep ground freezing was occurring and that deeper foundations were required. 
  • Design, installation, and monitoring of standpipe piezometers, including nested piezometers to monitor water levels in different stratigraphic units. We evaluate piezometer water level information to assess groundwater gradients and flow direction both horizontally and vertically. 
  • Design, installation, and monitoring of tiltmeters mounted on large blocks of rock where toppling is a safety concern.