Earth Retention and Slope Stabilization


WJE professionals offer investigation, design, and construction services for all types of retaining walls and earth retention systems. Recent work has included investigation of subsurface conditions, performance of slope stability analyses, and design of retaining walls for residential and commercial construction, and for road construction in mountainous terrain. We also evaluate poor performance and failure of retaining walls and provide recommendations for repair and reconstruction.

  • Investigation of potential slope movement and bridge abutment slope design 
  • Geotechnical investigation, slope stability analysis, and design of earth retention walls, including retaining walls incorporating deep rock anchors, soil nails, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall sections, and erosion protection
  • Design of temporary shoring for deep foundation construction, including braced excavations, soldier piles and lagging, tied-back walls, and soil nail walls
  • Geotechnical engineering investigation and design for repair and reconstruction of failed retaining walls
  • Geological reconnaissance, slope/wall global stability analysis, and design and construction recommendations for MSE fill walls