William Rosenblatt

Senior Associate


Since joining WJE in 2016, William Rosenblatt has participated in assessing, appraising, and restoring steel, timber, and concrete structures. These projects have included specialized inspections for nonredundant steel tension member (formerly fracture-critical) bridges, bridge monitoring and instrumentation, complex structural analyses, and emergency responses. Mr. Rosenblatt plays an active role in WJE's Difficult Access Team, leveraging his inspection skills to evaluate as-built conditions on buildings and bridges.

Mr. Rosenblatt specializes in structural steel inspections, centering on evaluating existing structures to identify issues such as fatigue and deterioration. Additionally, he is focused on structural rehabilitation, with a particular emphasis on the assessment and implementation of steel retrofits.


Bridges and Civil Infrastructure

  • Perrine Bridge - Twin Falls, ID: Corrosion assessment and load rating of steel truss arch bridge
  • Sherman Minton Bridge - New Albany, IN: In-depth and fracture-critical inspection of steel tied arch using Industrial Rope Access
  • Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge - Bettendorf, IA: Special inspection of suspension bridge using industrial rope access
  • Oregon DOT Load Rating: Load rating refinements of culverts and bridges with deficient rating factors
  • Matthew E. Welsh Bridge - Mauckport, IN: Nondestructive testing of T-1 steel splice welds
  • Burlington-Bristol Lift Bridge - Burlington, NJ: Florescent magnetic particle testing of sheave and trunnion elements
  • Mississippi Complex Bridge Inspections: Inspection and load rating of numerous in-service deteriorated timber, steel, and concrete bridges
  • Chicago Skyway - IL: Detailed inspection of bridge components using industrial rope access and evaluation of gusset plates using ultrasonic thickness testing with subsequent load rating incorporating testing results
  • Lake Forest Pedestrian Bridge - Lake Forest, IL: Structural analysis of pedestrian suspension bridge


Failure/Damage Investigations

  • Mining Facility - Canada: Investigation and modeling of collapsed steel support structure
  • Union Station - Chicago, IL: Investigation and repair of steel and concrete bridge/plenum structures above rail tracks
  • Cable Net Walls - Chicago, IL: Structural analysis of cable net wall glass breakage
  • Arecibo Observatory - Arecibo, Puerto Rico: Investigation of cable sag measurements and structural analysis
  • Lake Shore Drive Girder Fracture - Chicago, IL: Field investigation and repair of fractured beam connections
  • Sunshine Bridge Barge - St. James Parish, LA: Structural modeling of structure and jacking forces to replace impact-damaged bottom truss chord



  • Bearing Pad Testing: Laboratory testing of full-size bearing pad specimens
  • SR62 Over Pigeon Creek - Evansville, IN: Installation of strain gages for load testing and bearing pad instrumentation for long-term monitoring
  • Blackhawk Bridge - Lansing, IA: Installation of wireless tilt meters


Repair and Rehabilitation

  • Grant Marsh Bridge - Bismarck, ND: Installation of stringer end retrofits and lateral gusset plate modifications
  • Iowa 136 Over the Mississippi River - Clinton, IA: Installation of lateral gusset plate retrofits
  • Parking Garage Complex - Chicago, IL: Installation of shear tab connections to bypass cracked welds
  • I-80 Over US 69 - Des Moines, IA: Installation of stiffeners to straighten and reinforce heat-damaged girder
  • US 1 Over I-395 - Arlington, VA: Modification of floor beam connection plate to improve fatigue behavior
  • Walter Hjelle Bridge - Washburn, ND: Installation of lateral gusset plate modifications
Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Steel Construction
Structural Engineers Association of Illinois


NHI Course 130055 - Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
NHI Course 130078 - Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges
Professional Engineer in IL, IN, and OR
Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians - Level I Technician
Structural Engineer in IL


California Polytechnic State University
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, 2016
Master of Science, Architecture, specialization in architectural engineering, 2016