Veronica G. Timpane

Associate III


Veronica Timpane specializes in the evaluation, repair, and strengthening of wood and steel structures. She primarily focuses on the investigation and analysis of failures and possesses expertise with damage from soil movement, fire, inadequate construction, and significant weather events. Ms. Timpane has also worked on the design of strengthening schemes for resistance of both seismic and wind forces on various construction types from single-family residential to complex historic structures. 



Failure/Damage Investigations

  • Vehicle Impact Investigation - Menlo Park, CA: Investigation of damage, and design of repairs to parking garage and neighboring wood-framed residential building
  • Post-Landslide Assessment - Sausalito, CA: Condition assessment of structures destroyed by and adjacent to a landslide in a residential neighborhood 
  • Big Box Store - San Rafael, CA: Causation investigation of partial roof collapse, including assessment of wood roof framing for damage and repair recommendations
  • Residential Condition Assessments - San Francisco Bay Area, CA: Investigation of reported damage in various wood-framed residential structures associated with ground movement from neighboring excavations, expansive soils, water leakage, and/or landslides


Structural Design

  • Texas White House Hangar Building - Stonewall, TX: Analysis and retrofit design of steel and wood-framed historic building within the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park
  • 1501 Folsom Street - San Francisco, CA: Analysis and design of structural alterations;  seismic strengthening for wood and steel-framed commercial building 
  • Soil Retaining Structure - Moraga, CA: Analysis and design of 450-foot-long, cast-in-place stitch pier walls and associated tiebacks to repair and stabilize an existing landslide



  • Warehouse Complex - Sparks, NV: Design of seismic retrofit for four concrete 86,000-to-520,000-square-foot, tilt-up warehouses
  • Apartment Building - Oakland, CA: Design for retrofit of apartment building per City of Oakland Soft Story Ordinance


Wood Structures

  • Warehouse - Sparks, NV: Rapid assessment of conditions; grading of roof framing members from code-transition period to determine appropriate allowable values
  • Wood Roof Truss Failures - Various Locations, CA: Investigation, analysis, and repair recommendations for historic roof trusses following truss-member fractures


Nondestructive Evaluation

  • Office Building - Las Vegas, NV: Ground penetrating radar and floor levelness surveys of existing post-tensioned concrete building
  • Water Treatment Plant - Sunnyvale, CA: Ground penetrating radar survey of existing concrete water-retaining structures; repair recommendations and construction administration
  • Mixed-Use Building - Oakland, CA: Ground penetrating radar survey of rebar positioning in concrete slab; 3D scanning of structure to be used for comprehensive documentation


Litigation Consulting

  • Transbay Transit Center - San Francisco, CA: Steel fracture investigation; litigation support for builder’s risk claim
  • Residential Structure - Napa, CA: Litigation support for claims of fire damage
  • Parking Garage and Mixed-use Residential Complex - Los Angeles, CA: Litigation support for structural and nonstructural construction defect claims at a 500-plus-unit complex
  • School Buildings - San Mateo County, CA: Litigation support for construction defect claims, including seismic system analysis and retrofit design

Columbia University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2017

University of California, Berkeley
Master of Science, Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials, 2022