Timothy S. Fitzgerald

Associate III


Timothy Fitzgerald joined WJE in 2015 and has experience with evaluation, analysis, repair, construction observation, and testing of existing structures. Mr. Fitzgerald’s project work has encompassed a variety of structural materials including reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, structural steel, glass, aluminum, and wood. He also has experience with structural analysis computer software and finite element analysis.

Mr. Fitzgerald has experience performing assessment, repair design, and construction period services for reinforced concrete structures, including parking structures, plazas, balconies, and plenums. He has also provided consulting services related to fall protection requirements for elevated work surfaces, and the evaluation, analysis, and testing of facade access equipment.


Failure/Damage Investigations

  • California University of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA: Collapse investigation and repair design
  • American Family Parking Garage - Madison, WI: Water infiltration investigation
  • Retaining Wall Collapse - St. Louis, MO: Structural investigation and repair development


Repair and Rehabilitation

  • 4 Overlook Point Garages - Lincolnshire, IL: Condition assessment, report, repair design, and construction services for concrete parking structures
  • Sandburg Village North Mall - Chicago, IL: Repair design and construction services for plaza structure
  • 10 and 120 South Riverside Plazas - Chicago, IL: Inspection and repair design for concrete plenum structures
  • Ecolab - Joliet, IL: Structural investigation, analysis, and repair design for steel joists


Structural Analysis/Computer Applications

  • 111 South Wacker - Chicago, IL: Finite element analysis of glass cable net wall structure
  • New York Private Residences - Chicago, IL: Finite element analysis of reinforced concrete structure


Facade Access

  • 353 North Clark Street - Chicago, IL: Design and load testing of new and existing dedicated roof anchorages for facade access equipment
  • 181 West Madison Street - Chicago, IL: Evaluation and load testing of existing facade access equipment
  • 401 East Ontario Street - Chicago, IL: Design and load testing of new and existing dedicated roof anchorages for facade access equipment
Professional Affiliations

Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI)


Oklahoma State University
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, 2015