Marwa A. Abdelrahman

Senior Associate


Marwa Abdelrahman’s work focuses on the assessment of concrete material degradation, field investigation, and complex/large-volume data analysis. Her projects have included buildings, bridges, and industrial ports, as well as research and laboratory evaluations. Dr. Abdelrahman specializes in the condition assessment of in-service structures, concrete durability, service life modeling, and structural health monitoring. 

Before joining WJE, Dr. Abdelrahman worked on research projects at the University of South Carolina, with a focus on the assessment and monitoring of concrete degradation associated with corrosion of reinforcing steel and alkali-silica reaction (ASR). She presented and published her work on concrete material degradation and structural health monitoring in several technical societies, including ACI, PCI, and ASNT.  


Bridges and Civil Infrastructure

  • Port of Houston Authority - TX: Element-level condition assessment and data analysis for multiple assets of different assembly and construction
  • Third Avenue Bridge - Minneapolis, MN: Condition evaluation of historic concrete arch bridge for the Minnesota Department of Transportation; design-assist of cathodic protection system
  • Mosaic Fertilizer Dock - St. James Parish, LA: Level I visual inspection of all dock structural, mooring, and berthing components
  • Savannah River National Laboratory, 105 C Reactor Facility - Aiken, SC: Monitoring and assessment of corrosion damage in reinforced concrete members at a decommissioned nuclear facility *


Service Life Modeling

  • Port of Houston Authority - TX: Service life evaluation for a wharf structure at the Barbours Cut terminal
  • Interstate 480 Bridge - Omaha, NE: In-depth inspection, corrosion assessment, and service life modeling of bridge piers
  • Chicago Transit Authority - IL: Durability design and service life modeling for various concrete and steel elements
  • Samuel S. Baxter Water Treatment Plant - Philadelphia, PA: Service life modeling of precast/prestressed double-tee beams


Nondestructive Evaluation

  • High-Rise Building - Chicago, IL: Condition assessment of post-tensioned slabs and concrete facade
  • James K. Polk Building - Nashville, TN: Long-term acoustic emission and vibration monitoring of post-tension wire breaks
  • ASTM C876 Half-Cell Potential Testing: Corrosion evaluation of offshore structures and bridge decks


Research and Testing

  • Iowa Department of Transportation, Bridge Deck Preservation Portal Phase 1 - Poll-Funded Study: Development of a decision-making tool for selection and planning of maintenance actions
  • Effect of substrate moisture on silane sealer effectiveness (WJE in-house research)
  • Accelerated test to comparatively assess the performance of different discrete galvanic anodes (WJE in-house research)
  • Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Bridge Health Prognosis - National Institute of Standards and Technology *
  • Acoustic emission monitoring of ASR conducted in partnership with WJE *


Vibration and Noise Monitoring

  • Southwest Florida International Airport - Fort Myers: Vibration consulting and monitoring services
  • Iowa Department of Transportation: Condition assessments and vibration monitoring on projects in Des Moines, Fort Madison, Sigourney, and Pleasantville

* Indicates work performed while at the University of South Carolina

Professional Affiliations

American Concrete Institute
American Society of Civil Engineers


NACE Cathodic Protection Certified Technician


Helwan University
​Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2010

University of South Carolina
Master of Science, Civil Engineering, 2013
Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering, 2016