Manfred Kehrer

Senior Associate


Manfred Kehrer joined WJE in 2017. Prior to joining WJE, he was involved in the research and investigation of building science issues and developed analytical methods to advance the industry. He worked for more than twenty years at Fraunhofer IBP, Germany, in the area of hygrothermal performance of building enclosures. Mr. Kehrer worked as group manager for software development and was responsible for development, quality control and sales of WUFI® products and was highly involved in many collaborative projects worldwide. Mr. Kehrer was a senior building scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where he was in charge of a variety of types of research in building science. Following his work at Fraunhofer and ORNL, he became president of the start-up company justSmartSolutions LLC in the field of building science consulting. Since 2011, Mr. Kehrer has been the Official WUFI® Collaboration Partner for USA/Canada.


Numerical Simulation

  • WUFI® Pro 5.x - Germany: Head of Development and Quality Control until 2011
  • WUFI® 2D 3.x - Germany: Head of Development and Quality Control until 2011


Peer Review

  • Editorial Board Member of the journal Frontiers in Built Environment - Sustainable Design and Construction
Professional Affiliations

ASTM International
Frontiers in Built Environment