Lane Thompson

Senior Technician


Lane Thompson joined WJE in 2016 as a field and laboratory technician. Mr. Thompson has experience with various testing and evaluation methods, including nondestructive evaluation; load testing; impact testing; instrumentation; bond testing; corrosion surveying; and field monitoring. His laboratory testing experience includes sample processing of aggregates and concrete in accordance with ASTM testing procedures.

Since joining WJE, Mr. Thompson has gained experience on numerous types of structures and components, including buildings; bridges; rail systems; tunnels; concrete structures; steel structures; marine wharves, fenders, and piles; davits; cables; and beams. He practices with a variety of testing instruments, such as piezometers, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), impact echo, tensile bond testing, and half-cell potential.


Bridges and Civil Infrastructure

  • Port of Houston Authority - TX: FICAP training, assessments, and acquisition of core specimens of various PHA structures including drill shafts, bulkheads, and slabs
  • Bay County Water Treatment Plant - Panama City, FL: Visual assessment, GPR, half-cell potential, pull testing, QA oversight of contractor, and concrete coring
  • Cedar Creek High School - Cedar Creek, TX: Visual assessment, QA oversight of contractor, and instrumentation efforts including piezometer and crack gauge monitoring
  • University of Texas System Administrative Office Building - Austin: Field testing and laboratory mock-up of in-situ elevator shaft-wall and stairway walls, per ASTM C1629-E695, Standard Classification for Abuse-Resistant Nondecorated Interior Gypsum Panel Products and Fiber-Reinforced Cement Panels
  • Texas Department of Transportation - Big Spring: Bridge deck/superstructure assessment, GPR, and core specimen acquisition
  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation - Various Locations: Visual assessment, strain gauge implementation, and monitoring
  • Louisiana Department of Transportation - Various Locations: Core extraction, materials preparation, and subsequent testing


Concrete Structures

  • University of Texas Southwestern Parking Garages - Dallas: Visual assessments of several concrete parking garages
  • Texas State University, College Inn Hall - San Marcos, TX: Quality assurance supervision over contractor, pull tests, visual assessment, and half-cell potential testing


Difficult Access

  • University of Texas at Austin, Bellmont Hall: Assessment of exterior facade distress, rope support of Difficult Access Team (DAT), instrumentation, and assistance in parge coating removal
  • Condominium High-Rise - Austin, TX: Visual assessment of balcony distress employing difficult access rope access, logistical support, laboratory mock-up, and sample preparation


Instrumentation/Monitoring/Load Testing

  • Texas A&M University, McFerrin Athletic Center Fabric Buildings - College Station, TX: Fabric cable assessment to measure existing cable tension
  • Austin Hilton - Austin, TX: Comprehensive davit assessment, including development of testing equipment, instrumentation on-site testing, and verification of roof davit pedestal assembly
  • Alamo 5 Solar - Uvalde, TX: Assisted in investigation of distress in tripod support and solar farm instrumentation
  • Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University - Waco, TX: Assessment, instrumentation, load testing of foundation movement, and piezometer/crack gauge monitoring
  • Municipal Tunnel - Austin, TX: Visual assessment of tunnel and liner, including GPR testing
Professional Affiliations

American Concrete Institute
American Society for Nondestructive Testing
International Concrete Repair Institute
Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians


BASIC Plus Certified
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Certified
Houston Area Safety Council Certified
ICRI Certified Concrete Surface Repair Technician - Grade 1
Port of Houston Authority’s Facility Inspection and Condition Assessment Program Certified