Kevin A. Michols



Kevin Michols has extensive experience related to evaluation of existing structures, troubleshooting construction problems, and development of repair/rehabilitation programs. Specific focus areas include structural condition assessment, structural integrity evaluation, strengthening design, corrosion mitigation, durability enhancement, and service life extension. Project experience includes buildings, bridges, stadiums, water retaining structures, cooling towers, piers, power generation and industrial facilities.

Mr. Michols is professionally active in several industry technical committees and has presented at seminars and workshops on the subjects of structural evaluation and repair.


Failure Investigation

  • High-Rise Hotel - Chicago, IL: Transfer beam fracture
  • Multistory Parking Structure - Hartford, CT: Concrete deck failure
  • Wastewater Tank - Chicago Area: Concrete roof slab collapse at manufacturing facility


Repair and Rehabilitation Design

  • Electric Generating Station - Mid-Atlantic Region: Structural repair development for two hyperbolic shell natural draft cooling towers
  • Refinería de Cartagena FCC Tabletop Foundation - Cartagena, Colombia: Structural repair and seismic retrofit of support structure for large refinery process vessels
  • Iowa City Water Treatment Plant - Iowa City, IA: Structural strengthening of precast double-tee roof structure
  • Franklin Avenue Bridge - Minneapolis, MN: Rehabilitation of historic concrete arch bridge over Mississippi River
  • Northwestern University, Utility Steam Tunnels - Evanston, IL and Chicago, IL: Structural repairs and waterproofing
  • Northwestern University, Ryan Field Stadium - Evanston, IL: Annual inspections, structural rehabilitation, and ongoing maintenance repair program
  • InterContinental Hotel - Chicago, IL: Rehabilitation of four-story below-grade parking structure
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Memorial Stadium,: Annual inspections, structural rehabilitation design, and ongoing maintenance repair
  • 1630 Sheridan Corporation - Wilmette, IL: Rehabilitation of below-grade parking structure and entry plaza
  • Wheaton Center - Wheaton, IL: Structural concrete repairs and durability enhancement for high-rise residential buildings and parking structures


Structural Evaluation

  • Vehicle Assembly Building - Kennedy Space Center, FL: Structural evaluation of elevated concrete slabs, service life modeling, and repair development
  • Union Depot - St. Paul, MN: Structural evaluation and repair development for ninety-year-old, 250,000-square-foot, elevated concrete train deck structure
  • Power Generation Station - Midwest Region: Structural evaluation and repair program development for a large mechanical draft cooling tower and two hyperbolic shell natural draft cooling towers
  • Palo Verde Nuclear Station Water Reclamation Facility - Tonopah, AZ: Structural life assessment and repair program development for wastewater treatment tanks
  • Two Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridges - Ontario County, NY: Investigation of diagonal cracking and load rating
  • Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Domes - Milwaukee, WI: Investigation of structural framing for explosion damage
Professional Affiliations

American Concrete Institute
International Concrete Repair Institute
Structural Engineers Association of Illinois


Professional Engineer in CO, FL, IA, IL, MD, WV, and WI
Professional (Structural) Engineer in AZ
Structural Engineer in IL and NE


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 1979
Master of Science, Structural Engineering, 1981