Justin B. Nevill

Associate II


Justin Nevill joined WJE in 2022 with experience in condition assessments, analysis of existing structures, construction period services, and wind engineering. Mr. Nevill has worked with various structural materials, including prestressed and conventionally reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, and wood. His projects have involved nondestructive evaluation of reinforced concrete structures using sounding and ground penetrating radar.

As a doctoral student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Mr. Nevill studied the effect of freestream turbulence on wind loads, quantification of tornado resilience for wood structures, and tornado wind speed estimation. He designed and managed large-scale field and wind tunnel experiments to determine the relative effects of wind speed, acceleration, and turbulence on building aerodynamics. Mr. Nevill designed, programmed, deployed, and managed a suite of wind monitoring instrumentation to support ongoing research in thunderstorm wind loads.


Repair and Rehabilitation

  • Plainfield School District - Plainfield, IL: Condition assessment, repair cost estimation, flatness/levelness testing of concrete slab-on-ground, concrete sounding of slab-on-ground and footings, and construction period services of steel-framed structures with masonry infill walls
  • Chicago Public Schools - IL: Field inspection of reinforced concrete repairs
  • Gateway at Tempe - Tempe, AZ: Condition assessment and repair design of wood-framed balconies and elevated walkway


Structural Analysis/Computer Applications

  • Black Hawk - Chicago, IL: Structural analysis of stepped, two-way podium slab
  • Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL: Structural analysis of reinforced concrete parking structure based on as-built condition


Wind Damage/Disaster Response

  • Multiple Residential Structures - MI: Internal consultant on aerodynamic and terrain effects on building loads
  • Tornado Damage Reconnaissance - Albany, GA (2017), Naplate, IL (2017), and Cookeville and Nashville, TN (2020): Damage surveys, including assessment of pre-storm condition and damage initiation, wind speed estimation using damage patterns, and EF Scale determination *



  • Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk - Austin, TX: Construction inspection of 1.5-mile-elevated structural steel walkway geotechnical inspection of drilled pier sockets, testing, and inspection of reinforced concrete *
  • Hill Country Galleria - Austin, TX: Geotechnical inspection of drilled pier sockets, including construction over landfill *

* Projects prior to WJE

Professional Affiliations

American Association for Wind Engineering (AAWE)
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)
Structural Engineering Association of Illinois (SEAOI)




University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, 2016

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Master of Science, Structural Engineering, 2018