Jose Beltran

Senior Specialist


José Beltran has assisted with load tests on numerous structural components, including cast-in-place concrete anchorage systems, wood-framed shear walls, prison doors, and scaffolding columns. Mr. Beltran has worked on various structures, including bridges, buildings, and parking garages. He has also inspected light poles and signs for indications of corrosion and fatigue cracking. He has carried out many steel-cutting operations on bridge structures to modify welded fatigue-sensitive details. In addition to his experience at WJE, Mr. Beltran has many trade skills that include carpentry and machinist training. He worked as a carpenter for twelve years prior to joining WJE in 1998.




Specialty Engineering Services

  • Fremont Bridge - Portland, OR: Modification to upgrade various fatigue-sensitive details in a 2,200-foot-long, tied-arch bridge
  • I-10 Bridge - Sanford Lake, MI: Welded gusset plate fatigue repairs in two-girder bridge
  • I-29 Bridge - Sioux City, IA: Fatigue crack repairs to address longitudinal stiffener butt weld defects
  • I-80 Bridge - Omaha, NE: Fatigue crack repairs to gusset plate weld terminations, cross frame connection cracking, and longitudinal stiffener butt weld defects
  • Millennium Park Garage - Chicago, IL: Concrete coring of conventionally reinforced columns
  • Pactiv Corporation Parking Garage - Lake Forest, IL: Concrete coring of a double-tee prestressed slab exposed to fire
  • TWA Flight 800: Airplane fuselage reassembly for National Transportation Safety Board


Laboratory Testing

  • California Men's Colony: Testing of typical cell doors in accordance with ASTM F1450 and HMMA
  • Halfen Anchoring Systems - Northbrook, IL: Testing of cast-in-place steel channel anchors in accordance with ICC-ES acceptance criteria
  • Ludlow Building Products, Inc. - Northbrook, IL: Testing of wood-framed shear wall sheathing in accordance with ASTM E72
  • Masonry Anchor - Northbrook, IL: Testing of post-installed masonry anchor in accordance with ASTM E488