Jeffrey Plumridge

Senior Associate


Jeffrey Plumridge joined WJE in 2016 and his experience includes standardized and specialized analytical testing of diverse materials, including plastics, cement and cementitious materials, coatings and sealants, rubbers, wood, and glass. Mr. Plumridge is the primary analyst for compositional testing of materials by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. His work includes accelerated weathering/materials deterioration testing; evaluation of problems with plastics, particularly pipes; flooring distress; concrete admixture analysis; insulated glass unit breakage and failures; and various contamination-related failures of polymeric materials.  



Chemical Analysis

  • Commercial - Western Canada: Evaluation of cracked rubber gaskets
  • Commercial - Various Locations, U.S.: Investigation of environmental stress cracking in polycarbonate windows
  • Commercial - Various Locations, U.S.: Investigation of blistering in epoxy floor systems
  • Commercial - Eastern U.S.: Evaluation of set-retarding fine aggregate
  • Commercial - Eastern U.S.: Determination of ethanol content in feedstock
  • Residential - Eastern U.S.: Investigation of discoloration of concrete arising from chemical admixtures


Construction Material Assessment

  • Commercial - Southern U.S.: Identification of epoxy haze in newly installed tile floor
  • Municipal - Midwest U.S.: Evaluation of malodorous rubber playground material
  • Commercial - Eastern U.S.: Evaluation of optical flaws in glazed/mirrored decorative panels
  • Industrial - Western Canada: Evaluation of poorly set structural epoxy
  • Commercial - Various Locations, U.S.: Investigation of polyisobutylene primary sealant used in insulated glass units
  • Industrial - Southwest U.S.: Desaturation and evaluation of built-up roofing following hail events
  • Commercial - Various Locations, U.S.: Evaluation of magnesium oxide-based cements for a variety of applications


Failure Analysis

  • Residential - Southern U.S.: Investigation of environmental stress cracking of polymeric pipes
  • Industrial - Southern U.S.: Investigation of failed glass-reinforced plastic and fiberglass-reinforced plastic structural members arising from osmotic blistering
  • Commercial and Residential - Various Locations, U.S.: Investigation of degradation of waterproofing membranes in cementitious environments
  • Residential - Chicago, IL: Identification of stains in newly installed decorative and functional stone
  • Commercial Facility - Midwest U.S.: Investigation of chemical attack on concrete



  • Museum - Eastern U.S.: Identification of historic coatings and staining materials
  • Sports Arena - Western U.S.: Evaluation of coated cement panels
  • Concert Venue - Chicago, IL: Durability evaluation of fluoropolymer coating


Analytical Chemistry

  • Conductivity measurements of water, soil, and clay for evaluation of corrosive potential
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopical analysis of building materials to identify components
  • Gas chromatography with mass spectroscopy of building materials to identify components and compositional differences



  • Optical microscopy to determine galvanized and polymeric coating thicknesses
  • Determination of fracture origin/inclusions present for glass lites
  • Analysis of fracture plane of cracked polymeric materials

University of Guelph
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, 2005
Master of Science, Chemistry, 2013

Nipissing University
Bachelor of Education, 2006