Jeffrey D. Dowgala

Senior Associate


Jeffrey Dowgala is experienced in designing, researching, assessing, and analyzing a variety of commercial and residential structures. His background includes hands-on experience in vibration instrumentation and experimentation. Dr. Dowgala has a working knowledge of modeling, which includes work on the three-dimensional model of a forty-eight-story reinforced-concrete building. He is also skilled in the field and has performed numerous condition assessments.

Prior to joining WJE, Dr. Dowgala studied at Purdue University, where he received his doctoral degree. His primary academic research focused on using earthquake response data to extract an empirical capacity curve for buildings, as a means to quickly quantify the global structural system damage sustained.


Structural Analysis/Computer Applications

  • High-Rise Commercial Building - Las Vegas, NV: Time-history analysis of a three-dimensional model for a forty-eight-story reinforced concrete building
  • I-80 Bridge - Des Moines, IA: Three-dimensional, nonlinear analysis for conversion from a seven-span, simply supported bridge into a continuous, jointless bridge



  • Napa County Jail - Napa, CA: Evaluation of post-earthquake damage of a three-story, concrete and reinforced masonry building
  • Grace Bakery - Richmond, CA: Design for new equipment and anchorage to address seismic demands
  • Pedestrian Bridge - Emeryville, CA: Compilation of characteristic ground motions for a time-history analysis of a structural model
  • Twelve-Story Hotel - San Francisco, CA: Evaluation of potential seismic hazard from terra cotta lintels on a 1920s-era building


Wood Structures

  • Various Residential Homes - Bay Area, CA: Construction condition assessments of residential buildings
  • Large Apartment Complex - San Jose, CA: Wood-structure assessment for moisture damage
  • Century 21 Movie Theater - San Jose, CA: Current condition assessment of historic, domed movie theater


Failure/Damage Investigation

  • Crystal Ice Warehouse - Sacramento, CA: Fire damage assessment of historic 1920s-era warehouse
  • Shoring Collapse - San Francisco, CA: Evaluation and analysis of concrete shoring collapse


Structural Metals

  • Commercial Building - Mumbai, India: Development of repairs using structural steel and observations of welding per AWS D1.1 requirements
  • The Clorox Building - Oakland, CA: Design of a steel staircase and evaluation of its addition to the existing steel-framed, 1970s-era building


Concrete Structures

  • Parking Garages - Stanford, CA: Condition assessment of various post-tensioned, multilevel parking garage structures
  • Parking Garage - Walnut Creek, CA: Condition assessment of post-tensioned strands exposed to moisture
  • Commercial Building - Mumbai, India: Condition assessment of reinforced-concrete and post-tensioned strands for chloride contamination
  • High-Rise Commercial Building - San Francisco, CA: Investigation of reinforced concrete, load-bearing elements
  • Commercial Building - San Francisco, CA: Observation of epoxy dowel installation into unreinforced masonry walls
Professional Affiliations

Civil Engineer in CA
Structural Engineer in CA


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Wood Council (AWC)
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
Structural Engineering Institute (SEI)


Drexel University
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, 2010
Master of Science, Civil Engineering, 2010

Purdue University
Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering, 2013