Daniel F. Ortiz

Associate II


Daniel Ortiz has been involved in condition assessments, structural evaluations, and the repair of concrete, steel, and wood structures. He has performed computer and structural analyses to assess deterioration, distress, and serviceability of structures in their as-built states.

Prior to WJE, Mr. Ortiz conducted research focused on the behavior and implementation of prestressed ultra high-performance (UHPC)  concrete beams with a combination of bonded and unbonded, steel and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) tendons. His work included experimental investigation of unbonded CFRP tendons, the use of fiber optic sensors for strain and displacement monitoring, and serviceability performance of prestressed UHPC members.



Structural Analysis

  • Bank of Hawaii - Honolulu: Analysis of flat slab parking structure to quantify and understand the causes of observed distresses and excessive cracking and deflections
  • El Hefe - Chicago, IL: Wood decay investigation of the floor joists to determine if they are adequate to support code-prescribed loads
  • FMC Wyoming - IL: Bowstring roof truss assessment and evaluation of observed distress at a manufacturing facility
  • 200 East Delaware Place - Chicago, IL: Analysis of steel pool located on the roof deck of a cast-in-place, reinforced concrete parking structure
  • Morton East High School - Cicero, IL: Determination of load capacity and demand for proposed new vehicular loads on an existing reinforced concrete structure


Structural Evaluation

  • 222 South Riverside Plaza - Chicago, IL: Condition assessment of expansion joint above active train tracks
  • Chase Tower - Chicago, IL: Evaluation of granite facade panels
  • 900 N. Lake Shore Drive - Chicago, IL: Inspection of the structural and architectural components on ground-floor level and carport structure of building


Construction Observation

  • Chicago Public Schools - IL: Condition assessment and construction period services for repairing and strengthening reinforced concrete members
  • Chase Tower - Chicago, IL: Construction observation during waterproofing and concrete repair activities on plaza and planters

Rutgers University
Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2021
Master of Science, Civil Engineering, 2022