Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete. Weldable Reinforcing Steel. Bar, Coil, and Decoiled Product. Specification

BS 4449 is intended for manufacturers, fabricators and purchasers of ribbed reinforcing steel (bars, coils and decoiled products) for the reinforcement of concrete structures. It provides designations based on the grade of steel, the product form and dimensions. The standard is used to specify all normal technical requirements for reinforcing steels, including chemical analysis, mechanical properties, rib geometry and tolerances on dimensions. Specification is classified in these ICS categories: 1) ICS 77.140.15 Steels for reinforcement of concrete 2) ICS 91.080.40 Concrete structures.
BS 4449:2005+A3:2016 - British Standard 4449 - Ribbed Reinforcing Steel - ICS 77.140.15 Steels for Reinforcement of Concrete - ICS 91.080.40 Concrete Structures - Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete - Weldable Reinforcing Steel - Bar, Coil, and Decoiled Product - Reinforcing Steels - Bend Testing - Reverse-Bend Tests - Marking - Sampling Methods - Weldability - Compositional Tolerances - Area Measurement - Bars (Materials) - Chemical Composition - Size - Structural Steels - Steels - Certification (Approval) - Tensile Testing - Tensile Strength - Approval Testing - ISBN 9780580927157
77.140.15 (Steels for reinforcement of concrete); 91.080.40 (Concrete Structures)