Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Beam Flexure

Flexure tests on flat sandwich construction may be conducted to determine the sandwich flexural stiffness, the core shear strength and shear modulus, or the facings compressive and tensile strengths. Tests to evaluate core shear strength may also be used to evaluate core-to-facing bonds. This test method is limited to obtaining the core shear strength or core-to-facing shear strength and the stiffness of the sandwich beam, and to obtaining load-deflection data for use in calculating sandwich beam flexural and shear stiffness using Practice D7250/D7250M. This test method covers determination of the core shear properties of flat sandwich constructions subjected to flexure in such a manner that the applied moments produce curvature of the sandwich facing planes. Permissible core material forms include those with continuous bonding surfaces (such as balsa wood and foams) as well as those with discontinuous bonding surfaces (such as honeycomb).
WJE laboratories are accredited by ANAB (ISO/IEC 17025) to perform testing standard ASTM C393 for Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Beam Flexure. Contact us to learn more.
ASTM C393 - Core Shear Strength - Flexural Stiffness - Flexural Test - Foam Core Panels - Honeycomb Panels - Manufacturing Process - Sandwich Construction - Sandwich Panels - Shear Modulus - Shear Strength - Shear Stress
83.120 (Reinforced plastics)
ASTM C393 / C393M-16, Standard Test Method for Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Beam Flexure, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2016,