Deformed and Plain Low-Alloy Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

This specification covers deformed and plain low-alloy steel bars in cut lengths or coils for concrete reinforcement intended for applications. Restrictive mechanical properties and chemical composition are required for compatibility with controlled tensile property applications or to enhance weldability. The steel shall be electric-furnace, basic-oxygen, or open-hearth processed. Tension tests, bend tests, and one set of dimensional property tests—including bar weight and spacing, height, and gap of deformations—shall be made of each bar size rolled from a heat process. All tests and inspection shall be made at the place of manufacture prior to shipment, unless otherwise specified, and shall be conducted so as not to interfere unnecessarily with the operation of the works. A retest shall be provided when the specimen fails to meet the strength and elongation property requirements of the specification.
ASTM A706 - Low-Alloy Steel Bars - Low-Alloy Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement
77.140.15 (Steels for reinforcement of concrete)
ASTM A706 / A706M-16, Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Low-Alloy Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2016,