When the integrity or condition of a structure is in question, clients rely on WJE for solutions. WJE structural engineers have solved challenging problems in thousands of structures, ranging from small buildings to large infrastructure projects. WJE has participated in the development of many of the current earthquake engineering evaluation and analysis approaches and regularly provides training on the seismic evaluation of buildings and nonstructural components. Whether responding to a current problem or safeguarding against future issues, WJE leads the industry.

Successful solutions are developed from a better understanding of the problems. WJE routinely applies hands-on diagnostic studies using the latest technologies to investigate distress and deterioration and evaluate their effects on structural performance. Coupled with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of structural engineering and materials behavior, WJE’s structural engineers determine appropriate solutions to meet each client’s needs.
Effective seismic evaluation and design requires a practical understanding of earthquake motions and structure response. WJE professionals are experts in seismic performance evaluations that account for realistic building behavior without the limitations of building code requirements. WJE’s cost-effective solutions provide for safer structures, limit earthquake damage, and allow clients to quickly return their structures to normal service.


For more information on seismic ordinances in California, please visit seismicordinances.com.