WJE was founded on the spirit of innovation—that everything can be improved and that opportunities to develop creative solutions abound. For sixty years, WJE has specialized in the investigation and analysis of existing structures as well as of the materials and products that are utilized in the construction of the built world. Having solved some of the most complex structural and architectural problems of the last half-century, WJE has an innate interest in industry research and product evaluation as well as the knowledge and resources to foster their development.

Research is at the heart of WJE’s work. Clients often require research into the history of a problem, material, or system; or laboratory verification of a new product; or assistance with the development of industry best practices, building codes, and standards. WJE engineers, architects, and materials scientists are leaders in a wide range of industry organizations that develop many of the design standards and testing methods for construction-related components, systems, and materials. That knowledge, coupled with the capabilities of one of the largest and most comprehensive private construction research laboratories in North America, makes WJE uniquely positioned to test and evaluate nearly any construction-related issue, assembly, or product.
From large-scale government research projects to the assessment and development of new private-sector products, WJE applies extensive technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment and technology to successfully address every new challenge.
  • Structural testing and instrumentation
  • Physical and mechanical testing of materials
  • Material durability testing
  • Chemical and petrographic testing
  • Development of test protocol
  • Materials specifications and drawings
  • Development of design and construction manuals
  • Large-scale prototype testing
  • Quality control systems and inspections
  • Assistance with production goals
  • Calculation of load capacities and safety factors
  • Product evaluation reports