Whether designing a single component of a new construction project or leading the design team, WJE’s interdisciplinary staff of architects, engineers, and materials scientists bring a wide range of expertise to each project collaboration. With nearly sixty years of experience in the investigation of existing structures, a WJE design-assist or design-build team provides clients with unique advantages in locating and preventing problems in new construction.

With the increasing compartmentalization of architectural and structural design, WJE often assists project architects with the design of a particular component or system as part of a larger new construction project. Drawing on experience gained from solving construction-related problems in thousands of structures, WJE carefully develops design documents and specifications to fluidly integrate with and enhance the overall design plan.
In a design-build setting, WJE professionals provide continuity of services from the initial development of project requirements through completion of construction. In the Pre-design phase, WJE reviews and helps develop realistic performance expectations to guide the project to meet the client’s goals. Working closely with the contractor and other members of the design team, WJE architects and engineers develop, evaluate, and modify design drawings and specifications. The team then establishes appropriate testing criteria and closely reviews construction to help locate and solve problems that may arise prior to occupancy.
WJE brings a holistic approach to each new construction project, guiding the work’s successful completion with minimal delays.
  • Building science and enclosure commissioning
  • Peer design review
  • Code analysis
  • Preconstruction surveys
  • On-site monitoring and testing
  • Construction troubleshooting
  • Curtain wall design
  • New construction materials testing
  • Structural design for new construction
  • Quality control and field testing of construction assemblies, such as exterior walls and roofing systems
  • Engineering critical assessment and fitness for service
  • Nonlinear finite element analysis