For more than sixty years, WJE has expertly applied specialized engineering, architectural, and materials science knowledge to the maintenance and rehabilitation of structures in the built world. Through the investigation of thousands of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure, WJE engineers have learned that improved construction details and rehabilitation designs are accomplished through a better understanding of the problems that commonly affect the structures around us.

Whether subject to harsh climate conditions, a sudden failure event, or the inevitable effects of age, structures require ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation to assure their long-term performance. WJE engineers have extensive experience inspecting a wide range of structure types and materials and are routinely called upon to conduct structural condition surveys, evaluations of deterioration and distress, nondestructive testing, structural monitoring and instrumentation, structural peer reviews, and repair program development.
WJE’s unique knowledge of structural performance is supported by technical expertise in structural engineering; materials, laboratory, and field testing; and instrumentation. Professionals in a wide variety of service disciplines collaborate to develop cost-effective and technically sound solutions to every problem.