Not Your Father’s Concrete!
A breakfast seminar and networking opportunity
Join us for two presentations and a discussion of the perils of ready-mix concrete and the state of practice. We will also discuss self-consolidating concrete, the advantages and disadvantages as well as new-age additives and what works best when.

This program will qualify for AIA Continuing Education Credits.

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Carl “Chuck” J. Larosche, PE, F.ACI (Host/Moderator)

With over thirty years of experience, Chuck Larosche is an industry leader in the fields of preservation and restoration of historic and existing structures and materials, particularly conventional reinforced concrete, pre-cast and post-tensioned concrete, masonry, and steel. He is an active member and Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and, among other publications, authored ACI’s Failure, Distress and Repair of Concrete Structures. Learn more.

Jeff West, PhD, PE, F.ACI (Presenter)

Jeff West has more than twenty years of experience in structural engineering and materials research and consulting with particular focus on the evaluation and strengthening of existing structures, structural testing, durability of concrete structures, post-tensioned structures, concrete materials, and the investigation and analysis of structural collapses. Dr. West is an active member and Fellow of the American Concrete Institute and has authored more than eighty technical publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Learn more.

"The Continuing Evolution of Concrete Technology"
Concrete as a construction material has existed in various forms for several thousand years. The modern definition of concrete was established in the early 1800s with the invention of portland cement. In the century that followed, technological advancements in concrete material science were modest until the mid-1900s with the introduction of chemical and mineral admixtures. In recent decades, advances in admixtures and concrete material science have significantly enhanced the capabilities of concrete as a construction material, and applications, such as self-consolidating concrete and high-strength concrete, are increasingly commonplace. This presentation will discuss a number of recent developments in the evolution of concrete technology that are now beginning to make an impact on concrete construction. Topics will include controlled flow and workability retention, limestone cements, new admixtures, and ultra-high performance concrete.
Jacob Borgerson, PhD, PE (Presenter)

Jacob Borgerson leads and performs forensic investigations on the failure, distress, and damage of concrete caused by corrosion, fire, atmospheric, and other conditions. His extensive experience includes consulting services provided to contractors, structural engineers, architects, ready-mix suppliers, owners, and developers. Dr. Borgerson is an active member of the American Concrete Institute and the International Concrete Repair Institute. Learn more.

“Perils of Ready-Mix Concrete: Realities of Batching, Mixing, Transport, Placement, and Testing”
This presentation is intended to tackle common challenges faced by the project team in the ready-mix concrete construction industry. Topics will include low compressive strength, poor specifications, mass concrete, cold joints, delaminations, honeycombing, in addition to others. Ready-mix concrete problems raised by a member of the project team may indicate a greater (unobserved) structural concern, a long-term durability issue, or simply an aesthetic problem. This presentation will discuss the causes of ready-mix concrete problems, techniques for evaluating various problems and approaches for mitigating these problems. Attendees will be introduced to various evaluation methods (e.g., impact-echo, ground penetrating radar, concrete coring, petrographic examination, etc.) and when their use is appropriate. Case studies will be used to illustrate the concepts presented. This presentation will benefit contractors, engineers, architects, ready-mix suppliers, and anyone who has stood on a job site to discuss a ready-mix concrete problem.


April 12, 2018


AT&T Hotel and Conference Center
1900 University Ave., Austin, TX 78705 
Level M-2, Room 203


Networking & Breakfast
7:45 AM – 8:30 AM 

8:30 AM – 10 AM
(with 15 minute intermission)


Tiffany Hanson
(512) 257-4800