M.A. Mortenson Company


Target Field Stadium is a 40,000 seat major league baseball stadium located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The ballpark, which is home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team, includes six separate levels that encompass approximately one million square feet. The structure consists of cast-in-place and post-tensioned concrete and structural steel framing. The facade consists of Mankato limestone faced architectural precast concrete wall panels and glass curtain walls.


WJE engineers provided building enclosure review services from design through final construction. WJE reviewed the design details and made several detail modifications to better address possible water intrusion and air infiltration issues. WJE engineers recommended changes in flashing details and provisions for catching and diverting incidental water back to the exterior. Built-in gutters were designed, and WJE engineers discussed concerns about the proposed system. WJE engineers recommended the use of mockups and water testing to verify the efficacy and finished appearance of critical details.

By clarifying design details and recommending additional provisions not addressed in the initial design, WJE engineers improved the ability of the building enclosure to withstand the harsh Minnesota climate.