SEPTA Digital Inspection System

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)
Philadelphia, PA

Development of Bridge Management and Inspection System

SEPTA sought a modern, electronic bridge management and inspection system to manage their inventory of more than five-hundred bridges. WJE's extensive inspection experience and ongoing development of customized electronic input and data storage software allowed SEPTA to contract with a single firm that could fulfill the requirements of the project.


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) is the public transportation system for Philadelphia and some surrounding areas. SEPTA looked to upgrade their bridge management and inspection system to a modern, purely electronic system. This program would need to be applicable to their more than five-hundred bridges while being consistent with their existing inspection system. With no off-the-shelf products satisfying such stipulations, SEPTA saw the need to have a custom system developed.


WJE developed the concept architecture and software for SEPTA's modern day bridge management and inspection system. WJE leveraged extensive inspection experience and current work with electronic inspection documentation, while integrating the specific requirements of SEPTA to design and develop the custom software suitable for their needs.

The bridge management and inspection system was developed to operate with most web accessible devices. Based on collective experiences from thousands of hours of inspection work, a cellular-connected Apple iPad was selected as the primary method of inspection data input. The WJE-developed software allows the user to attach photos directly to the bridge inspection form during the inspection. All information is immediately accessible via a web browser. The software's open data architecture allows SEPTA's own IT staff to manage and develop additional features using industry-standard software to further tailor and future-proof the system.