WJE Webinar: Evaluating the Seismic Safety of Buildings

December 8, 2014
In a recent WJE webinar, Evaluating the Seismic Safety of Buildings, San Francisco Associate Principals Brian Kehoe and Kelly Cobeen shared an overview of the seismic evaluation process and the key areas to examine when considering seismic safety.

Brian and Kelly have significant experience in assessing structural damage to buildings after major earthquakes and have participated in the development of many tools for seismic evaluation of buildings.

The recorded webinar is now available for viewing.

In the one-hour webinar, you will learn:
  • what seismic safety means;
  • how building types are used to identify common seismic vulnerabilities;
  • what methodologies are available to evaluate existing buildings;
  • what factors trigger the need for evaluation; and
  • what to consider when examining retrofits.

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