WJE Research Results in Proposed ASTM Specification

August 2, 2015
Completed under a Pankow Foundation grant, research conducted by Principal Conrad Paulson and Senior Associate Scott Graham over the last year has resulted in a tentative specification for steel reinforcing bars with controlled ductile properties that are intended primarily for reinforcement in members of special seismic systems made of reinforced concrete.

The proposed specification includes Grade 60, Grade 80, and Grade 100 reinforcing steel and will eventually enter into the consensus standardization process at ASTM. Trial reinforcing bars, manufactured to comply with the Grade 100 requirements of an early draft of the tentative standard, were tested at WJE's Janney Technical Center Structural Laboratory by Senior Associate Roger Pelletier. The results of the research also helped update the existing ASTM A615 Specification in 2015 to include Grade 100 reinforcing steel.

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