WJE Recipient of Presidential Award in Structural Engineering

April 10, 2008
Terry Paret from WJE's San Francisco office was presented with a Presidential Award of Excellence in Structural Engineering at the North American Steel Construction Conference (NASCC), regarding WJE's work on the State Bar of California Building located in San Francisco, California. This project will be featured in the upcoming May 2008 issue of Modern Steel Construction.

Designed in the 1970s on the cusp of the era of modern earthquake engineering, the earthquake-resisting system had deficiencies which could have led to poor performance in the event of a major earthquake. The State Bar desired a creative solution to improve the performance of the building without severely disrupting operations by targeting and correcting the deficiencies while avoiding wholesale upgrade.

WJE employed the innovative use of buckling-restrained braces, the first application of this kind of technology in the City of San Francisco, to achieve efficiency in seismic mitigation.

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