WJE Participates in National Safety Stand-Down Week

May 29, 2014
As they have for so many years, falls continue to be one of the leading causes of fatalities and disabling injuries in the workplace. This is particularly true as applied to construction work and many of the tasks we perform at WJE. To help raise awareness to fall hazards and their prevention, OSHA has declared June 2-6 as National Stand-Down for Fall Prevention in Construction. As falls are a safety issue important to all of us, we believe endorsing and participating in this event is a prudent and responsible choice and ask that you join with us in furthering the prevention of these serious accidents.

What is a safety stand-down? It's simply dedicating some time during the week to raising awareness and appreciation of the hazard. It can be accomplished in a number of ways, ranging from simply talking about it to taking a class in fall protection or hosting a training event. A safety stand-down should provide an opportunity to talk about hazards, protective methods, safety practices, goals, and expectations. WJE will be dedicating time to fall protection awareness during the week and encourage you to, as well.

Thank you for your continued awareness of the hazards associated with falls during this upcoming week's stand-down, throughout the year, and beyond.

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