WJE New York Receives CANstruction Honorable Mention

February 12, 2013
WJE New York took home an honorable mention for their inaugural entry in New York City's CANstruction competition. Drawing inspiration from a New York fixture, the WJE team fashioned a nearly six-foot-tall Anthora coffee cup out of 1,500 Goya cans. Staff submitted their design with "plenty of beans (just none of the coffee variety) in the hopes to make the days easier for a few families and individuals."

Canstruction, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that holds annual design and build competitions to construct fantastic, giant structures made entirely out of canned food. In each city, after the structures are built and the winners declared, the creations go on view to the general public as giant art exhibits. At the close of the competition, all Cansculptures are dismantled and the food is donated to local food banks for distribution to community emergency feeding programs. WJE's larger-than-life creation will feed 1,256 New Yorkers.

Learn more about CANstruction and view the other entries here.

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