NEWS | January 12, 2017

WJE Mourns the Loss of Joe Godfryt, Building Enclosure Expert


An expert on the correction of building enclosure problems, WJE Principal Joe Godfryt passed away on January 5, 2017.

“Across 24 years with our company, Joe became known for his hard work, his substantial roofing and waterproofing expertise, his strong client relationship and project management skills, and his ready willingness to share knowledge and to mentor younger staff. Joe also had a great sense of humor and was known for his story-telling ability. Most importantly, Joe was known as a very decent and humble man, who cared deeply about his family, his friends, and his colleagues,” said WJE President William Nugent.

Mr. Godfryt first joined WJE as a junior architect in 1978. He left the company in the mid-1980s and subsequently spent more than thirteen years successfully running his own firms. Joe was co-founder of Kellermeyer Godfryt Hart, P.C. (KGH). He left KGH in 1986 to form his own firm, Godfryt Associates Ltd., where he developed solutions to water entry problems involving roofing, waterproofing, and exterior curtain wall systems. Joe returned to WJE in 2000.

He devoted his professional career to the correction of building enclosure problems, particularly those related to water entry. Joe was highly experienced in troubleshooting roofing and waterproofing leakage problems. He also directed significant effort towards the development of client-specific roof management plans to assist clients in long-range planning of roofing expenditures. Joe was a frequent lecturer on roof systems assessment, reroofing, plaza deck waterproofing, and related building leakage problems for programs sponsored by the American Institute of Architects, the National Roofing Contractors Association, and the National Park and Recreation Association.

Mr. Godfryt is survived by his wife Nancy Godfryt and sons, Joel and Jonathan.