NEWS | July 3, 2017

WJE Gains Geotechnical/Geological Engineering Expertise with Michael W. West & Associates


Michael W. West & Associates, Inc. (MWWAI), a specialized geotechnical and geological engineering firm located in Englewood, Colorado, has joined WJE.

The newest additions to WJE’s staff from MWWAI include Michael West, Peter Stauffer, Frank Harrison, and Emma Bradford. They will form the foundation of a new Geotechnical Engineering unit that will be based out of WJE’s Denver office.

“WJE has collaborated with MWWAI’s professionals for many years on a number of interesting and challenging projects. We are extremely excited to have them now join us and provide WJE with in-house geotechnical capabilities,” said John Reins, WJE principal, Denver, Colorado.

Over the past three and a half decades, MWWAI has provided technical consulting services on a large number of projects locally and internationally. MWWAI's principal areas of practice include geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, environmental geology, ground water hydrology, geological hazard evaluations, earthquake engineering, and forensic engineering.

“We are all enthused to join WJE,” said Michael West, MWWAI founder. “Working alongside our new WJE colleagues, we can now help our clients solve a wide variety of geotechnical and built world challenges.”

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