WJE Appoints Three Firmwide Senior Principals

February 19, 2009
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., (WJE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Allanbrook, John Fraczek, and Terry Paret, currently Principals in our New York, Janney Technical Center, and San Francisco units, respectively, to Senior Principal based on their demonstration of commitment to WJE's Core Values, exceptional efforts, and outstanding achievements throughout their tenure at WJE.

Tim Allanbrook, New York
Mr. Allanbrook joined WJE in 2001 as a Consultant in our New York office. He has thirty-five years of experience in architectural and planning projects, ranging from preservation and restoration to adaptive reuse and comprehensive master planning. Since joining WJE, Mr. Allanbrook has managed several high profile projects that have helped put WJE on the map for preservation work in New York City, including, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Natural History Museum, and the New York Public Library.

John Fraczek, Janney Technical Center (Northbrook, Illinois)
Dr. Fraczek joined WJE in October 1979 as a Senior Engineer in our Northbrook office. Dr. Fraczek has been significantly involved in research and investigation of corrosion damage and repair of prestressed and conventionally reinforced concrete structures. He has served as a principal speaker for the American Concrete Institute and has presented numerous lectures on structural failures, and materials performance. Dr. Fraczek currently serves on the WJE Board of Directors.

Terry Paret, San Francisco
Mr. Paret joined WJE in 1986 as an Engineer II in our San Francisco office. During his twenty-two years with WJE, Terry has performed numerous engineering investigations in the United States and abroad. He has focused his efforts on the evaluation of structures after earthquakes, the prediction of the probable performance of new and existing buildings to future earthquakes, and improving earthquake resistance in regards to the development of repairs and rehabilitation to mitigate damage.

About WJE
WJE resources combine state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities, nationwide offices, and knowledge-sharing systems to deliver better results for thousands of clients. WJE has successfully completed investigative, testing, design, and repair services for virtually every type of construction material, structural system, and architectural component.

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