WJE Announces Senior Staff Promotions

November 3, 2014
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE), is pleased to announce the following senior staff promotions.

To Principal:

Fiona Aldous (Dallas)
Ms. Aldous is an expert in commissioning and design peer review of buildings enclosures, with specific experience in the detailing and installation of various curtain wall and window systems, sloped glazing, air barriers, waterproofing of below-grade and plaza systems, low slope roofs, and the interfaces of the various enclosure components. She is a past chair of the National Building Enclosure Council and currently serves on the board of directors for the Air Barrier Association of America. Prominent projects include building enclosure commissioning of various buildings on the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center campus; peer review of the United States Institute for Peace Museum in Washington, D.C.; and the repair and rehabilitation of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining WJE in 2001, Ms. Aldous worked in commercial construction and taught design-build at Ball State University. She holds a bachelor of arts in architecture and a bachelor of architecture from Deakin University and a master of architecture from Ball State University.

James Donnelly (Northbrook Headquarters)
Mr. Donnelly has significant experience in the investigation and repair of concrete structures, including major investigations of distress in post-tensioned, precast, and conventionally reinforced concrete structures, particularly in parking structures. He frequently speaks on the topic of concrete repair at seminars given by the American Concrete Institute. Mr. Donnelly is also experienced in the investigation and repair of corroded steel structures, distressed and decayed wood structures, and foundation settlement problems. Notable projects include the evaluation and development of repairs for all parking garages on the main campus of Washington University in St. Louis; development of repair designs for the structural rebuild of clarifier tanks at Palo Verde Water Treatment Facility in Tonopah, Arizona; and the performance evaluation and service life projection for bridge decks across Iowa. Mr. Donnelly holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a master of science in civil engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Martina Driscoll (Washington, D.C.)
Ms. Driscoll performs investigations, condition assessments, repair design, and construction observation services for a variety of facade systems, including brick masonry cavity walls and mass walls, granite panel veneers, metal panel systems, ashlar stone facades, architectural terra cotta, and metal and glass curtain walls. She is particularly interested in the assessment and repair of these materials in historically significant structures. Ms. Driscoll also performs building envelope consulting services, including building enclosure peer review, design assistance, and construction period services and is currently the chair of ASTM Committee E06.55.09-Exterior Enclosure Commissioning. Representative projects include facade repair and stabilization of the Homer Building in Washington, D.C.; design peer review of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's new east campus; and development of repairs for the Washington Monument following 2011 earthquake damage. Ms. Driscoll holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a master of science in civil engineering from Cornell University.

Kevin Kalata (Northbrook Headquarters)
Mr. Kalata has conducted numerous structural analyses of distressed buildings, building components, and framing to evaluate damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, and fire, as well as to investigate construction, materials, and design flaws. He has also investigated buildings and other structures with distressed or deteriorated veneers, participating in and managing numerous field investigations related to water leakage in masonry walls, EIFS, windows, and curtain walls. Prominent projects include fire damage assessment and repair of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois; exterior cladding failure investigation and repair at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas; and the analysis and repair of wood trusses and masonry walls at Gavin Central School in Ingleside, Illinois. Mr. Kalata holds a bachelor of science in architecture and a master of architecture, structures, from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Brett Laureys (Northbrook Headquarters)
Mr. Laureys has investigated hundreds of structures across the United States, with most of his assignments relating to exterior cladding on historic masonry structures. He specializes in the evaluation of sealants, brick, terra cotta, and stone masonry and has assessed causes of deterioration or distress in existing cladding systems as well as been involved with peer review and testing of new cladding systems for contemporary buildings. Since 2003, Mr. Laureys has been actively involved with the Sealant, Waterproofing, and Restoration Institute, publishing Sealants: The Professional Guide in 2012, which is used as the industry standard. He currently sits on three committees and was previously on the organization's board of directors. Mr. Laureys has managed many large-scale restoration projects. Some of his notable projects include the award-winning facade restoration of Randolph Tower in Chicago, Illinois; historic preservation of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed SC Johnson Wax headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin; and historic masonry and blast window replacement of the Robert A. Young Federal Building in St. Louis, Missouri. He holds a bachelor of science in architectural engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

To Associate Principal:

Justin Boone (Houston)
Mr. Boone has broad-based experience in enclosure design, design peer review, building science, field-based evaluation, testing, and project management. His expertise includes the design of high-performance building enclosure systems, building enclosure commissioning, and forensic analysis of existing buildings with enclosure-related deficiencies. Mr. Boone also focuses on the application of proven building science fundamentals to produce high performance climate-specific systems. Prior to joining WJE in 2010, Mr. Boone worked for a building science consulting firm in Houston, Texas, and several architectural design-build firms, where he worked on architectural design projects including multifamily residential, retail, restaurant, high-rise, renovation, and historic rehabilitation. Notable projects include peer review and construction quality assurance for roofing and waterproofing systems at Texas Children's Hospital Maternity Center in Houston; long term quality assurance observations and detailing assistance for reroofing and waterproofing Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas; and peer review, construction quality assurance, and testing for roofing and waterproofing systems at the new TDECU Stadium at the University of Houston. Mr. Boone holds a bachelor of arts in architecture and a bachelor of architecture professional degree from Rice University.

Kenneth Kosteva (Washington, D.C.)
Mr. Kosteva has more than a decade of experience leading a variety of investigations involving steel, concrete, timber, stone, unit masonry, and aluminum/glass curtain wall. He has provided services as both a project engineer and project manager on projects including the evaluation of facade and structure-related failures with extensive experience in the investigation and repair of post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced concrete, including analysis and material testing. Prior to joining WJE in 2003, Mr. Kosteva was responsible for civil and structural design and the investigation of existing structures with the engineering firm of Peters Consultants, Inc. Prominent projects include repair and restoration design for several comprehensive high-rise building projects on the Blairs campus in Silver Spring, Maryland; stone failure investigation and repair design for the historic Hotel Monaco in Washington, D.C.; and various forensic investigations and repair designs for multiple buildings at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia. Mr. Kosteva holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering from Bucknell University and a master of science in structural engineering from Cornell University.

Richard Lindenberg (Northbrook Headquarters)
Mr. Lindenberg has specialized experience in structural modeling and structural instrumentation, particularly in developing correlations between the two. He has also worked extensively in the investigation and design of repairs for parking structures, bridges, buildings, and facades. Additionally, he has expertise in the development of innovative software and instrumentation systems utilized in the investigation and monitoring of building and bridge structures. Prior to joining WJE in 2001, Mr. Lindenberg worked as a structural designer for Davis, Bowen, and Friedel, Inc. and as a project manager for Tenneco Energy. Representative projects include the development of a monitoring system for the Cardinals Stadium roof lift in Glendale, Arizona; investigation and modeling of bridge bearing distress along SEPTA's elevated rail in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the investigation and analysis of vibrations along FDR Drive roadway in New York City. Mr. Lindenberg holds a bachelor of civil engineering, structures, from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a master of science in structural engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Thomas McMullan (Princeton)
Mr. McMullan has worked on hundreds of projects involving the investigation, rehabilitation, and/or new construction of numerous exterior building enclosure components and systems, including masonry cavity wall and mass wall construction, natural and cultured stone cladding, precast and cast-in-place concrete, metal panel and terra cotta rain screen systems, EIFS, and window and curtain wall systems. In addition to the development and implementation of building enclosure field testing, condition assessments, and repair design for a wide variety of building types and structures in several states, he also works extensively to develop WJE's building enclosure commissioning practice. Notably, Mr. McMullan was involved in the facade evaluation and stabilization of the Homer Building in Washington, D.C.; remediation of building enclosure, including EIFS and masonry cavity wall construction, at Bellmoor Inn and Spa in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; and the enclosure commissioning of the Constitution Center in Washington, D.C. Mr. McMullan holds a bachelor of architectural engineering, structures option, from The Pennsylvania State University.

Erik Murray (Austin)
Mr. Murray specializes in the design of roof systems and building envelopes, building investigation and repair, and architectural peer review. He has broad knowledge of building systems and construction processes and takes a pragmatic approach to project execution, from design through owner occupancy. He is currently the chair of the Building Enclosure Council - San Antonio as well as the chair of the Sustainable Environment Committee of the Texas Society of Architects. Representative projects include roof design for the Bank of America Processing Center in Richmond, Virginia; terra cotta masonry and roof condition assessment and repair design for the historic Kress Building in San Antonio, Texas; and the investigation of curtain wall and stone panel water leakage at Rollingbrook Tower in Baytown, Texas. Mr. Murray holds a bachelor of architecture and a bachelor of science in architectural engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

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