NEWS | December 4, 2018

WJE Announces 2018 Senior Staff Promotions


Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE), is pleased to announce the following senior staff promotions.

To Principal:

Jonathan Lewis (Chicago)
Since joining WJE in 2001, Mr. Lewis, a structural engineer, has been involved in a variety of structural investigations, condition assessments, repair designs, and peer reviews. He has performed structural analyses and assisted in the development of repairs for multiple notable structures across the country. 

Bruce McMahon (Dallas)
Mr. McMahon joined WJE in 2004 and has thirty-five years of architectural, project management, and construction management expertise. He is experienced in the investigation, analysis, and design of corrective measures to mitigate problems with the integrity of all aspects of the building envelope. 

Christine Reynolds (Washington, D.C.)
Ms. Reynolds joined WJE in 1997 and is an engineer who focuses on the repair, restoration, and adaptive reuse of historic structures and buildings, with a particular focus on the exterior envelope. She has designed repairs at Arlington National Cemetery, the Virginia Executive Mansion, Smithsonian Castle, and the Chrysler Museum of Art. She has also worked on several historic and contemporary university buildings, three Kimpton Hotel adaptive reuse projects, and various governmental buildings, including multiple buildings at the Navy Yard and the United States Naval Academy.

To Associate Principal:

Steven Altstadt (Metallurgy and Applied Mechanics)
Mr. Altstadt joined WJE in 2015 with expertise in the strength and behavior of metals and a specialization in fatigue and fracture. His work includes extreme event strength assessments, extreme event strain-based assessments, defect acceptance criteria, fatigue life predictions, experimental testing, and field monitoring programs. He has been involved in large-scale testing since 2000.

Blake Andrews (Structures)
Since joining WJE in 2008, Mr. Andrews has been involved in a variety of structural evaluation, analysis, and repair design projects. His experience includes behavioral characteristics and code requirements for concrete, steel, aluminum, masonry, wood, and glass materials. He also has experience with the evaluation and repair of facades, including several historic buildings in Chicago, Illinois, and Paris, France.

Jeremy Bridwell (Dallas)
Mr. Bridwell joined WJE in 2010 with six years of consulting experience in the investigation, design, and renovation of building enclosures. His projects typically include the investigation of existing buildings, consultation during construction, building enclosure commissioning, and litigation support. He is also experienced in various cladding systems and roofing systems.

James Brown (Atlanta)
Mr. Brown joined WJE in 1996 and has broad-based experience in the assessment and repair design of building envelope systems subject to water infiltration. He has performed design peer reviews, developed repair designs and construction documents, and provided construction administration services for a variety of structures, including commercial buildings, airports, hotels, and stadiums.

Emma Cardini (Boston)
Ms. Cardini joined WJE in 2003 and has experience in facade investigations, historic preservation, and structural condition assessments. She has been involved in field investigations and condition surveys to investigate deterioration, leakage, and structural problems in existing building enclosure systems. She is also a member of WJE’s Difficult Access Team.

Gabriel Carrera (Austin)
Since joining WJE in 2009, Mr. Carrera has been involved in the investigation, evaluation, design, and rehabilitation of various structural projects. His project work experience includes concrete, steel, masonry, and wooden structures.

Michael Duncan (Denver)
Mr. Duncan joined WJE in 2001 and has expertise in the evaluation and testing of windows, curtain walls, and storefront systems as well as the interaction of these systems with surrounding facade elements. He brings a practical, hands-on approach to the evaluation of building components and assemblies, with projects ranging from the investigation of aging facades to work on new construction.

Ann Harrer (Los Angeles)
Ms. Harrer joined WJE in 2005 and has broad-based experience with the assessment of existing building facades, historic preservation, materials testing, and field inspections. She has been involved with the investigation and restoration of historic and architecturally significant structures.

Daren Kneezel (Architecture)
Since joining WJE in 2003, Mr. Kneezel has been involved in projects ranging from the investigation of high-rise building facades and masonry deterioration to laboratory testing of stone and other construction materials and in situ testing of scaffolding davits and retrofit anchorage systems. He has also performed structural and finite element analyses as well as laboratory testing of various materials.

Steven Naggatz (Chicago)
Since joining WJE in 1994, Mr. Naggatz has investigated and designed repairs for distress conditions in many existing buildings. His expertise lies in exterior wall systems with a focus on structural adequacy, corrosion, anchorage devices, water infiltration, and durability. He is also experienced in windows, curtain walls, and exterior facades.

Tracy Perry (Denver)
Since joining WJE in 2001, Ms. Perry has participated in the structural investigation and rehabilitation of numerous parking garage and building structures. Her focus lies in the area of existing structures, with an emphasis on the evaluation and repair of concrete structures. She has investigated concrete-related problems in numerous structures and specializes in applying nondestructive evaluation techniques.

Rita Ray (Raleigh)
Since joining WJE in 2004, Ms. Ray has been involved with failure investigation and repair design for both new and existing construction. She has been involved with multiple large-scale projects involving the construction of multi-building complexes for mixed residential and commercial use. She also has broad-based experience in leakage investigations, building enclosure assessments, and repair design for existing construction.

Dziugas Reneckis (New York)
Since joining WJE in 2014, Mr. Reneckis has performed field investigations, condition surveys, construction period services, and special inspections involving steel frame, masonry, wood, and reinforced concrete structures. He has also provided structural services associated with the renovation of building facades and interiors.

Rachel Will (Chicago)
Since joining WJE in 2006, Ms. Will has performed numerous building envelope evaluations and investigations of distressed and deteriorated conditions in existing buildings. Her expertise includes the documentation and investigation of building facades as well as the preservation and repair of historic buildings.