WJE Announces 2017 Senior Staff Promotions

October 15, 2017
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE), is pleased to announce the following senior staff promotions.

To Principal:

Joshua Freedland (Chicago)
Mr. Freedland has extensive experience with materials conservation of historic buildings. His work has included materials analysis, building documentation, facade investigations, preservation recommendations, and construction observations. Mr. Freedland has worked with a wide variety of materials and has provided preservation recommendations for hundreds of buildings, monuments, and sculptures, including many listed on the National Register of Historic Places and local registers. Multiple local and national organizations have recognized his preservation work for excellence and numerous archaeological sites in the United States and abroad have benefited from his conservation consulting services.

James Hauck (Chicago)
Mr. Hauck joined WJE in 1998 after nine years of practicing as a consulting structural engineer on new construction projects. Since joining WJE, he has been involved in a broad range of structural engineering investigations and evaluations involving a variety of materials. Mr. Hauck has investigated distress and deterioration in existing structures of reinforced concrete, steel, and masonry; examined and evaluated fire-damaged structures in concrete and steel; designed shoring and remedial repairs for partially collapsed structures; and designed alterations and additions to existing building structures. Mr. Hauck has particular expertise in structural steel and the structural use of glass.

Michael Horst (Atlanta)
Since joining WJE in 1998, Michael Horst has conducted numerous investigations, condition surveys, analyses, and repair designs for a variety of historic and contemporary structures. His work has included the evaluation of masonry, concrete, and wood structures; stucco, EIFS, and masonry cladding; and a variety of window and curtain wall systems. Mr. Horst’s investigations have involved the assessment of deterioration, distress, and water leakage through building envelopes. He has also performed evaluations of hundreds of structures related to alleged hurricane, tornado, and fire damage. Mr. Horst has prepared repair documents for concrete, wood, and masonry structural systems and brick, terra cotta, EIFS, stucco, and stone facade elements. In addition, he has utilized his investigation experience to perform prepurchase assessments and provide litigation support to a variety of clients.

Gwenyth Searer (San Francisco)
Ms. Searer joined WJE in 1994 and works on projects involving a wide variety of structural materials, including steel, concrete, timber, masonry, and aluminum. She specializes in evaluating facade access issues and existing claddings as well as providing structural peer reviews of new claddings. Ms. Searer also has particular expertise in the field of earthquake engineering and has investigated earthquake-damaged structures after a number of major earthquakes, including Loma Prieta, Northridge, Turkey, Nisqually (Seattle), Tohoku (Japan) and Napa. She is routinely asked to work on code interpretation issues and has served on the ICC Structural Committee for four code development cycles and the ASCE 7 committee for two standard development cycles. Ms. Searer is a licensed structural engineer in six western states.

To Associate Principal:

Clarissa Kenney (Washington, D.C.)
Since joining WJE in 2004, Ms. Kenney has investigated and evaluated numerous existing structures and campuses. Her focus lies in the area of historically significant buildings and structures, including many structures on the National Register of Historic Places as well as historic and non-historic structures with dimension stone veneer. Ms. Kenney has experience with a wide range of building materials and has developed repair recommendations and associated contract documents following inspection. She has also performed onsite construction observations during repair implementation.

Nathaniel Rende (Janney Technical Center)
Since joining WJE in 2005, Mr. Rende has been a project associate for a broad range of assignments, including condition assessment of existing structures, structural testing and instrumentation, quality assurance inspections, and the development of repair plans and specifications. He specializes in applying nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques, specifically impact-echo, ground penetrating radar, impulse-response, and ultrasonic pulse velocity to evaluate concrete and masonry structures and has developed and applied NDE to many unique situations. Mr. Rende has investigated concrete-related problems in numerous structures. He is also involved in the measurement and analysis of vibrations and has conducted several condition documentation surveys and construction vibration surveillance projects.

Owen Rosenboom (San Francisco)
Dr. Rosenboom joined WJE in 2008 with years of research experience in concrete and masonry structures, especially related to rehabilitation using fiber reinforced polymer materials. He is experienced in the investigation, assessment, and retrofit of various existing structures, including high-rise buildings and historic structures. Dr. Rosenboom conducts field investigations of damaged and collapsed structures and performs evaluations and analyses using a wide range of computer modeling techniques. He has participated in the analysis and investigation of damage resulting from earthquake events both domestically and overseas.

Andrea Shear (New York)
Since joining WJE in 2003, Ms. Shear has completed investigations and analyses involving damaged or deficient wood, masonry, glass, and steel structures as well as structures constructed of conventionally reinforced, precast, prestressed, and post-tensioned concrete. She has developed an expertise in structural design associated with the repair, renovation, expansion, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, including historic, high-rise, and commercial structures. Additionally, she has performed field investigations, condition surveys, construction period services, and code reviews for a wide range of structures throughout the country.

Kimberly Steiner (Janney Technical Center)
Ms. Steiner focuses on failure analysis, consulting, and research on construction materials. She conducts onsite evaluations and laboratory characterization and analysis of materials to investigate failures, corrosion, incompatibilities of materials with the surrounding environment, and general chemical analysis. Ms. Steiner uses various analytical techniques to solve construction materials problems, including chemical analysis, microscopy, and physical testing. She has expertise in scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, UV/visible spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, ion chromatography, gas chromatography with mass spectrometry, and wet chemical techniques.

Jean Wu (Architecture)
Since joining WJE in 2001, Ms. Wu has been involved in numerous mid-rise and high-rise building facade investigation projects. She has investigated brick masonry walls, EIFS, reinforced concrete structures, terra cotta building facades, windows, curtain walls, and high-rise thin-stone cladding veneer construction. These investigative projects frequently involve field water testing of exterior building components based on standards developed by ASTM International, the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association, and unique procedures developed for specific projects and followed by repair design and construction document preparation. Ms. Wu has also been involved in exterior envelope consulting services of various new construction projects focusing on interface detailing, water penetration, air infiltration, and condensation issues related to the exterior facade elements.

Julie Yang (Princeton)
Since joining WJE in 1997, Ms. Yang has investigated hundreds of construction and material problems, specializing in repairs, preservation, and design and construction phase services. She has participated in the cleaning and restoration of many notable commercial, residential, pharmaceutical, and institutional buildings, working with facade materials that include limestone, terra cotta, brick, and cast stone. For many of these projects, Ms. Yang also participated in field observation of repairs.

Steven Zimmerman (Janney Technical Center)
Since joining WJE in 2001, Mr. Zimmerman has been involved in projects investigating wood, steel, and concrete structures as well as laboratory analysis of material properties and corrosion resistance. His assignments have involved field investigation of deteriorated or damaged structures, structural assessment and analysis, repair and rehabilitation design, preparation of contract documents, and construction management. Mr. Zimmerman has also worked as project associate or project manager on existing structures, including high-rise buildings, multilevel parking structures, residential multi- and single-family homes, commercial and retail space, university and education buildings, entertainment and sports facilities, and public works buildings.

Karen Zimnicki (South Florida)
Ms. Zimnicki joined WJE in 2015 and specializes in field evaluation, testing and repair design to address nonperforming building issues, moisture problems, and associated material distress. Her experience encompasses investigation of water leakage and deteriorating building materials, repair design, construction contract administration, peer review, and litigation consulting. Ms. Zimnicki has investigated many construction systems and materials, including curtain walls, concrete, masonry, steel, waterproofing, roofing, wood cladding, and EIFS systems. Her expertise includes standardized and diagnostic field and laboratory testing, with an emphasis on air and water infiltration, exterior wall materials, roofing, and waterproofing systems.

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