Structures I Staff Spring Clean for Local Family

April 28, 2013
On Saturday, April 27, a number of Structures I staff participated in Rebuilding Day coordinated by Rebuilding Together North Suburban Chicago, an organization that helps low-income elderly and families with disabled members tackle the home maintenance and improvement projects that they cannot.

WJE volunteered on behalf of a single mother with a disability and her energetic three-year-old son. The group performed a large yard cleanup project that included raking, trimming overgrown shrubs and trees, removing deteriorated brick masonry walls, demolishing an old rusted storage shed, cleaning gutters, and other miscellaneous exterior maintenance. In addition, the group planted flowers and provided a new sandbox and toys.

A local youth group, as well as several other friends and family, assisted the WJE team. Their hard work resulted in a clean yard that is now safe for the young boy to play.

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