NEWS | November 18, 2022

Spivey Inducted into the APT College of Fellows


Senior Associate Justin Spivey (center) has been inducted into the APT College of Fellows for his contributions to the advancement of preservation technology in the field of engineering. APT College of Fellows Chair Richard Ortega (left) and APT President Taryn Williams presented the honor.

The Association for Preservation Technology International (APT) inducted Mr. Spivey as a result of his extensive body of work investigating, documenting, assessing, and repairing existing structures; for his five years of service on the APTI Board and as Director on both the Delaware Valley and Western Chapter Boards; for his accomplishments in enhancing APTI outreach; for his outstanding dedication to improving and disseminating knowledge of best practices as Co-Chair and longstanding member of the Publications Committee, as a guest editor of APT publications, by developing APT publication guidelines, and by establishing an APT presence in emerging media; for leading the working group to establish the Academics and Research Committee; and for his dedication to teaching principles of engineering to students and professionals in historic preservation.