Preventive Maintenance and Research Development for New and Existing Buildings and Structures

October 12, 2008
WJE engineers, architects, and materials scientists are thoroughly committed to the progression of knowledge among industry professionals. Experts at WJE develop a variety of research methodologies to gain a deeper understanding of why structures fail and to learn how complex structural systems can be streamlined to increase efficiency—reducing overhead costs and improving our nation's infrastructure over time.

"Keeping Tabs on the Roof," an article written by WJE's own Edis Oliver and featured in Building Operating Management, demonstrates why WJE is at the forefront of preventive maintenance solutions and research development for new and existing buildings and structures.

Mr. Oliver discusses steps to guide facility executives in developing a roof asset management program and also highlights the complexities of the roof decision-making process. According to Mr. Oliver, failure to have a roof management program can result in millions of dollars in unplanned emergency roof expenditures.

Edis T. Oliver, PE, is a principal in WJE's Austin office and has more than forty years' experience in the roofing and facility management industry. Mr. Oliver is past president of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas and the Central Texas Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors.

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