NEWS | February 9, 2021

Philadelphia Maintenance Inspection Deadlines


Among the dozen U.S. cities that have adopted facade ordinances, Philadelphia is unique for requiring four different types of maintenance inspections. Within city limits, periodic inspections by a qualified professional are required not only for building facades of a certain height but also for fire escapes and fire escape balconies, private bridges crossing over public rights-of-way, and piers and other waterfront structures. 

Visit the Philadelphia page on on for more information about the following deadlines:

  • For buildings constructed in 1950 or earlier that are six or more stories in height, or that have any appurtenance more than 60 feet in height, facade inspection reports are due by June 30, 2021.
  • For newer buildings, the five-year cycle of required inspections for facades, fire escapes and fire escape balconies, and private bridges starts ten years after the certificate of occupancy is issued. This will be an important year for buildings completed in 2011, as one or more reports may now be due.
  • For piers and other waterfront structures, inspection reports are due on a three-year cycle starting January 1, 2003. If the January 1, 2021, deadline for the last inspection cycle was missed, submitting the report as soon as possible may help reduce penalties.

WJE Philadelphia staff are qualified to perform most maintenance inspections and are ready to help answer your questions about how to meet Philadelphia's maintenance inspection requirements. Please contact Justin Spivey at 215.567.0703 x33016 or at for more information.