Baldassarra Appointed to Ad Hoc Committee on Tall Wood Buildings

May 2, 2016
WJE Principal Carl Baldassarra has been appointed to the International Code Council Ad Hoc Committee on Tall Wood Buildings to develop criteria in future editions of the design and construction code.

The use of wood in tall buildings has recently received much international attention because of the interest in sustainability of construction products and the issue of carbon generation from the use of fossil fuels. Wood is the most significant building material we use today that is grown by the sun. When harvested responsibly, wood is arguably one of the best tools architects and engineers have for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and storing carbon in our buildings.

Until now, the building codes have generally limited the height and size of timber-constructed buildings because of their combustibility. The goal of this work is to find an appropriate balance between the use of wood as a structural element in tall buildings and the inherent fire safety challenges.

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