NEWS | April 18, 2017

Aston Metallurgical's Alan Stone Joins WJE


WJE is pleased to announce that Alan Stone has joined WJE as a principal. Mr. Stone is a recognized industry expert who has thirty-six years of experience in the failure analysis of metal components, metallography, scanning electron microscopy, and ferrous metallurgy heat treatment.

Mr. Stone founded Aston Metallurgical Services Company in 1982, which provided a comprehensive suite of metallurgical, mechanical, and chemical testing services, along with extensive metallurgical laboratory capabilities.

“We are thrilled to have Alan join WJE,” stated Kevin Michols, principal and director of WJE’s Janney Technical Center. “This represents a tremendous step forward for the development of our metallurgical practice. We look forward to providing our clients with the expertise that has made both WJE and Alan recognized leaders in the industry.”

WJE recently shared that metallurgists Bernard Schulze and Robert Warke have joined WJE as associate principals in the Janney Technical Center, located in Northbrook, Illinois. With the addition of Aston’s capabilities and these skilled metallurgists, WJE can offer clients a full range of advanced metallurgical consulting and testing services.

“This is a great combination,” said Alan Stone, WJE principal. “I can offer Aston’s clients access to WJE’s expert staff throughout the nation, and extensive analytical laboratories. I also look forward to the new opportunities ahead as WJE adds an in-house metallurgy laboratory.”