Roofing Over a Wet Concrete Substrate

Christopher W. Giffin, Principal

In this case study, Edis Oliver and Alonso Caro (both from WJE's Austin office) will describe their approach to roofing over wet structural concrete at Texas A&M University’s Sterling C. Evans Library. Core cuts and moisture tests on the library roof revealed very wet lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC) over a structural concrete deck, rendering the substrate unsuitable for roofing; however, removing the LWIC, drying the deck, and reroofing the building while it remained in use presented some unique challenges. Edis and Alonso will explain how they tested for moisture in the concrete deck, developed construction documents to address the moisture conditions, measured the rate of drying during all phases of the project, and protected the building interior during construction.

* This webinar recording is made available for educational purposes. While we hope you will watch and learn something useful, please note that viewers aren't eligible for AIA credit.