Geotechnical and Geological Forensic Engineering


We provide consultation and testifying expert services for a broad range of litigation. Law suits typically involve commercial and residential structures where foundation movement and related distress has occurred or is alleged to have occurred. Foundation movement typically relates to swelling soils, collapsing soils, settlement of structural fill, or slope movement. Services often involve completion of subsurface investigations and engineering analysis to evaluate foundation performance and to design repairs. We have been retained on behalf of owners, developers, engineers and contractors involved in these matters. 

  • Two residential subdivisions where many of the homes exhibited distress potentially related to foundation movement. It was alleged that foundation movement was occurring at every home due in part to the foundation design and construction recommendations provided by the geotechnical engineer for the project. We were retained on behalf of the geotechnical engineer. 
  • We have been retained on numerous matters where developers, engineers, and contractors were allegedly responsible for improper construction related to placement of site grading and structural fill, construction of the perimeter foundation drain, placement of foundation backfill, rough and fine grading, landscaping, placement of utility trench backfill, and construction of concrete flatwork.
  • We have been retained on cases involving property damage related to or allegedly related to construction activity on adjacent property. Technical issues in these cases include improper shoring of excavations, construction vibrations, grading and drainage issues, and subsurface drains and groundwater conditions.
  • Water and wastewater facilities including failure of an earth embankment related to piping in the foundation, excessive seepage losses at a Roller-Compacted Concrete dam, and failure of an outlet structure that discharged into an effluent impoundment area.
  • Numerous cases where retaining walls and excavation shoring systems failed or performed poorly.