Thomas C. Kuczynski

Senior Associate


Thomas Kuczynski participates in investigative and repair projects involving structural testing, analysis, instrumentation, repair design, condition assessment, and cost estimation. He has worked with various building typologies, including both residential and commercial towers. These projects comprise materials, including brick masonry, concrete, steel, stone, and precast panel elements.






Testing and Instrumentation

  • 60 Sutton Place - New York, NY: In situ load testing of balcony railings for code compliance
  • Two Fifth Avenue - New York, NY: Evaluation of existing brick cavity wall for flexural bond strength (ASTM C1072) and compressive stress (ASTM C1196)
  • 320 Park Avenue - New York, NY: In situ davit socket base load testing
  • GlaxoSmithKline Upper Providence Campus - Collegeville, PA: Evaluation of new brick cavity walls for flexural bond strength (ASTM C1072)
  • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center - New York, NY: Instrumentation and remote structural monitoring


Condition Assessment

  • Carnegie Towers - New York, NY: Concrete slab eyebrows deterioration investigation
  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts - New York, NY: Metropolitan Opera House travertine facade condition survey
  • Merrill Lynch Parking Garages - Pennington, NJ: Condition survey of four precast double-tee parking garages
  • One Sutton Place South - New York, NY: Terra cotta balcony deterioration investigation
  • Seaview Cottage - Staten Island, NY: Historic masonry condition survey and repair documents


Failure Investigation

  • 685 Lenox Avenue - New York, NY: Wood bowstring truss collapse
  • Binghamton-Johnson City Sewage Treatment Plant - Binghamton, NY: Reinforced concrete retaining wall collapse
  • Fodera Foods - Queens, NY: Fire damage structural condition survey


Water Penetration Testing

  • One Hudson Park Condominiums - Edgewater, NJ: Leak investigations per AAMA 501.2-09
  • The Impala Condominiums - New York, NY: Leak investigations per AAMA 501.2-09


Repair and Rehabilitation Design

  • 551 Madison Avenue - New York, NY: Soffit condition assessment and repair observations
  • Two Park Avenue - New York, NY: Soffit condition assessment and repair observations

Professional Engineer in NY


Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2007

The Pennsylvania State University
Master of Science, Architectural Engineering, 2009