Thomas C. Kuczynski

Senior Associate


Thomas Kuczynski specializes in investigation and repair projects involving instrumentation, testing, condition assessment, and insurance claims. Mr. Kuczynski has worked on buildings of all types including residential and commercial buildings, and with various materials such as masonry, concrete, steel, stone, facade panels, curtain walls, and plaster.




Testing and Instrumentation

  • Palace Theatre - New York, NY: Monitoring review and consulting on preservation of historic plaster finishes for thirty-foot building lift; review and evaluation of optical, tilt, vibration, and crack movement data; on-site full-time data evaluation, alert assessment, and response
  • American Museum of Natural History; Hayden Planetarium - New York, NY: Curtain wall and truss frame laser displacement, strain, temperature, and tilt monitoring
  • Baruch College - New York, NY: Laser displacement, temperature, and strain monitoring for canopy proof load testing
  • 50 UN Plaza - New York, NY: Surface temperature data collection of spandrel IGUs
  • Pasadena Central Library - CA: Brick compressive strength (ASTM C1197), shear (ASTM C1531), and flexural (ASTM C1072) strength testing
  • New York Public Library - NY: Temperature and humidity monitoring during repair of historic plaster ceiling
  • Statue of Liberty - NY: Anchor load testing for design development of granite base repairs
  • Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration - NY: Roof clay tile uplift proof load testing
  • Tappan Zee Bridge - Tarrytown, NY: Crack and thermal movement (laser) monitoring of vehicular overlay during construction
  • Chenango Street - Binghamton, NY: Laser displacement, temperature, and crack monitoring for repairs to highway overpass
  • Noise Diagnostic Testing - New York, NY: Temperature and acoustic camera monitoring to diagnose curtain wall noises
  • Roberts Hall - Haverford, PA: Acoustic camera monitoring to diagnose curtain wall noises
  • Chrystie Street - New York, NY: Window wall noise diagnostics with accelerometers
  • Historic Masonry Pumphouse - New Orleans, LA: Flexural (ASTM C1072) and compressive strength (ASTM C1197) testing
  • Two Fifth Avenue - New York, NY: Brick flexural strength (ASTM C1072) and compressive stress (ASTM C1196) testing
  • 320 Park Avenue - New York, NY: Facade access davit testing for code compliance
  • GlaxoSmithKline - Collegeville, PA: Brick flexural strength (ASTM C1072) testing
  • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center - New York, NY: Node and EJ movement, tilt, temperature, strain, and vibration monitoring (2 years)


Condition Assessment

  • Port Authority Bus Terminal - New York, NY: Parking level trusses; concrete encased prestressing strands at box girder chords
  • Carnegie Towers - New York, NY: Slab edges
  • Lincoln Center - New York, NY: Metropolitan Opera House and Juilliard travertine facades
  • Starrett City - Brooklyn, NY: Eight garages; site engineer, concrete special inspector
  • Merrill Lynch Parking Garages - Pennington, NJ: Four precast double-tee garages
  • One Sutton Place South - New York, NY: Historic terra cotta clad balcony evaluation


Failure Investigation

  • Rooftop Solar Panel Wind Uplift Defects - Various Locations, NJ: Analysis and retrofit design of solar array structural anchorage systems
  • 300 East 96th Street - New York, NY: Masonry building settlement failure cause and origin
  • 685 Lenox Avenue - New York, NY: Bowstring wood truss roof collapse cause and origin
  • Binghamton-Johnson Treatment Plant - NY: Filter tank concrete wall collapse cause and origin; analysis
  • Rego Center Garage - NY: Double-tee flange corner failure; analysis and schematic repair
  • Fodera Foods - Queens, NY: Fire damage investigation


Water Penetration Testing

  • One Hudson Park - Edgewater, NJ
  • The Impala Condominiums - New York, NY
  • 125 Columbus Avenue - New York, NY


Repair and Rehabilitation

  • 340 East 52nd Street - New York, NY: Brick party wall partial replacement
  • 125 Columbus Avenue - New York, NY: Travertine cladding stabilization

Professional Engineer in NY
Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI, NYC)
Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) - Level 1


Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2007

The Pennsylvania State University
Master of Science, Architectural Engineering, 2009